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MOLE TRAPS UK offers quality mole traps to those customers wishing to undertake mole trapping and who are outside of our service area, but need help!

Mole hills

We specialise in mole control in Sussex. I am, and have been for many years, a full time professional Molecatcher, not just a trap sales merchant.

Trapping moles and effective mole control requires effective mole traps. We offer a selection of quality mole traps, that are checked, adjusted & prepared before dispatch.

All mole traps are those used in our service division and have proven to be good robust reliable units, suitable for regular use. Each mole trap is supplied with full setting instructions, plus hints and tips for successful trapping!

Each mole can send up 2-3 hills per day, working in their own exclusive territory. Two traps per mole are recommended, to ensure correct coverage of the area. We offer a multi-box for those customers who wish to try one of each type of trap.

Trapping moles is certainly something that can be achieved with some degree of patience and by following the hints & tips provided.

PLEASE NOTE: Once set, mole traps must be checked at least once every 24 hours.

We have the following mole traps in stock:

Scissor Mole Traps

Duffus Mole Traps

Talpex Style Mole Traps

Talpex Style Long Handled Mole Traps

Sure Grip Mole Traps

A selection of mole traps, scissor mole trap, duffus mole trap, talpex style mole trap, sure grip mole trap

Why Buy Your Mole Traps From Mole Traps UK ?

  • All mole traps are CHECKED, ADJUSTED & PREPARED before dispatch.
  • Our full range of mole traps is ALWAYS IN STOCK.
  • All our prices INCLUDE postage and packaging.
  • There is no VAT payable on any of our products.
  • We aim to have UK DELIVERY WITHIN 2 DAYS of the order being made.
  • Each order comes with FULL SETTING INSTRUCTIONS and 'hints & tips'.

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